Welcome to our website which aims to provide more information on NHS Property Services’ proposals for the redevelopment of land at Edgware Community Hospital.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the project team on 0800 298 7040 or EdgwareCommunityHospital@becg.com.

Background to our proposals

Over time, the Edgware Community Hospital site has grown and evolved. Today, it is a sprawling site which covers a large area making it inefficient to manage, and difficult and confusing for patients to navigate.

As a result, there exists an opportunity to deliver an improved patient experience and be more efficient by enhancing and consolidating parts of the site.

To help achieve this, small areas of the site, that have been identified as surplus to clinical requirements, will be released for residential development to help facilitate a number of Hospital improvements.

At NHSPS, our objective is to ensure that existing health providers are given the opportunity to operate from high-quality spaces that meet their clinical needs.

The proposed package of improvements to the Hospital have been worked up over a two-year period in close collaboration with local health professionals and the NHS organisations operating from the site.

The improvements are to be brought forward in two phases (Phase A and Phase B), delivered over time, to avoid disruption to Hospital services.

Together, the delivery of both phases of the development will help NHSPS deliver key improvements to the Hospital that will significantly improve the patient experience and deliver a range of local benefits including the delivery of much-needed new homes.

Update on Phase A

Our planning application for the redevelopment of clinically surplus land at Edgware Community Hospital was approved by Barnet Council in November 2021.

The application (Phase A) sought approval for the redevelopment of a small part of the Hospital site – comprising an area of land on the western part of the site which has been identified as surplus to clinical requirements by local health professionals – with 129 modern, new homes.

The plans also included new and improved pedestrian access to the Hospital from Burnt Oak Broadway, new ground floor commercial space, and new and improved public realm to create a more welcoming approach to the main Hospital building.

Crucially, the application will in turn help to facilitate the second phase of improvements to the Hospital which will be brought forward via a further planning application to be submitted to Barnet Council in 2022.

Next steps & Phase B

With the Phase A plans having now been approved, we will be bringing forward plans for Phase B (as outlined in red in the image below).

Our plans for Phase B remain at an early stage. We are committed to engaging the community and stakeholders regarding our emerging proposals at the appropriate time.

In due course, we will again be inviting the local community and stakeholders to view and comment on our proposals before we submit a planning application to Barnet Council.

To stay up to date in the meantime, please ‘register your interest’ using the form provided at the top of this page.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the project team via:

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